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(Right now, Facebook employs hundreds of safety employees in four offices across the globe, but that may not be enough given its scale of 1.3 billion users.) Of course, Facebook is not the only company reviewing user violations.

For small startups, if hiring staff is not an option, companies should recruit users to help them enforce community norms.

Speaking of staff: Computers can’t approximate the contextual judgments of human intelligence, at least not yet.

That may mean that Facebook needs to hire more employees to handle complaints.

With great power comes great responsibility, and Facebook needs to improve its terms-of-service enforcement process by creating an official means of review that includes notifying users about the outcome of their complaints.Bottom line: Facebook needs to start explaining its decisions when users file complaints, no matter the result.Ali should have been told whether or not Facebook viewed what happened to her as a violation.But having a policy against those things is not the same as making a promise to each and every user to remove content that contains nudity or amounts to harassment or bullying. But Facebook (which I have advised in connection with my work as a member of the Anti-Cyberhate Working Group) and other content providers should heed her lawsuit’s message.Ali’s claims express dissatisfaction with the enormous, unchecked power that digital gatekeepers wield.

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